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One of the biggest challenges in the existing attendance management solutions is a complete lack of focus on providing customer friendly dashboards and downloadable reports. In this article, we explore why existing devices have a poor reporting architecture and how Arvi selfie-checkin provides a 10X improvement in reporting and analytics.

Legacy system challenges

Biggest challenge in the attendance management space is that all vendors are essentially hardware providers. Be it ESSL, Mantra, Hikvision or Kronos, most incumbents have a hardware DNA with negligible attention paid to improving software experience of users. While a huge volume of data gets generated, most of these players don’t provide the right business intelligence, analysis and report tools that can benefit a HR manager.

Some of the major challenges are:

  1. Lack of intuitive dashboards: In the day of visualization, most incumbents dump data in raw CSV files. Segmenting that data and building intelligent insights is sorely missing in the current attendance management solutions
Existing attendance management solutions lack data analytics and visualization

2. Desktop applications with no real-time data flow: Most Biometric and RFID based attendance solutions are desktop based software. As a result, HR managers who work remotely cannot access data in real-time. Ability to get a real-time snapshot of attendance is lacking in the current solution providers

3. Data integration challenges: Most companies, big and small, use multiple software solutions and ideally prefer the solutions to integrate and talk with each other. A lot of our existing customers have a separate Payroll processing solution that they expect us to integrate with. Existing providers don’t have the infrastructure to quickly connect integrate with third party applications. As a result, a lot of companies are struggling to manage data transfer from one system to other.

Arvi selfie check-in reporting

Arvi selfie check-in is a touchless, face recognition based attendance solution that is fully cloud-based. Arvi simplifies the whole attendance management process from onboarding employees, to collecting data to generating reports to integrating system with other payroll/HR software. Key customer metrics we’ve focused on are: 1. ease of adoption 2. anywhere access 3. flexibility.

One major dimension to these metrics is the ‘reporting framework’. Arvi provides a delightful reporting experience to our customers by delivering on the following:

  1. Real-time Dashboards

Arvi offers real-time, cloud based reports that can be accessed from anywhere. Users can slice and dice data and do a drill-down analysis for a given employee, shift, division or designation. System generates important performance insights such as average work-hours, peak overtime hours etc.

2. Automatic report scheduling

We realize that HR teams need specific reports such as weekly shift performance, monthly absentee report etc at definite intervals. To avoid last minute hustling and data gathering, Arvi provides a facility where HR teams can schedule reports at specific intervals. Users can get neatly formatted EXCEL reports delivered to their inbox on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Formatted EXCEL reports delivered directly to the inbox

3. API Integration

We live in a world of multiple systems and Arvi selfie-checkin has build extensive integration infrastructure to connect easily with third party applications. Our Rest APIs provide a safe, secure and seamless integration of data with other systems. Best part of this integration is that it can be completed within a couple of days.

To summarize, Arvi provides anywhere reporting with intuitive dashboards and data visualizations, auto delivery of reports in mailbox and easy integration of data with third party applications.

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