Choose the right plan and get started

Choose the right plan and get started

Tiered plans that can be customized to suit the attendance tracking needs of your organization

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Android/iOS app
Web dashboards
Attendance Regularization
Shift Roster Planning
Leave management
Flexible Masters data
Late, Overtime reports
Employee mobile app
Email and SMS alerts
Automatic reports
Visitor Management
API & Webhook support
Integration with HRMS
Whatsapp notification

Frequently Asked Questions

Selfie check attendance is face-recognition based attendance and time tracking solution. It is next-generation technology that uses artificial intelligence to recognize faces instantly and provide real-time attendance data to organization

Yes. Arvi selfie-check attendance system is precisely designed for SME businesses that may not have a robust HR/IT processes. Arvi selfie-check is an extremely light weight implementation and does not need resources that are typically needed for a HR management system. Our clients have gone LIVE within 30 minutes of setting up a free trial - that gives you an idea of how easy it is to setup and deploy our attendance solution

Biometric attendance systems need hardware installation, are touch-based and capture attendance only for on-premise employees. Onboarding new employees is a tedious process using biometric devices. Also, data is not available real-time for HR and admin managers. Arvi selfie-check is a touchless attendance system that can capture employee attendance from anywhere. Onboarding of employees is just a selfie-click, needs not hardware setup and installation and works on any mobile phone or android tablet. Further, data is collected and reported real-time and can be accessed from anywhere.

We have annual pricing plans that depend on the plan you choose and number of employees in your organization.

Please write to us at and our sales team will get in touch with you.


We are a cloud-only company and do not offer a desktop variant. We want to provide top quality support to our customers with zero infrastructure cost - hence we chose to provide a cloud-only solution. 

Existing biometric systems have poor hardware and software support. This technology is outdated and does not fit into the new reality of post-Covid workplace where employees are juggling between on-premise and remote working.

We provide a zero-hardware solution that is faster, easier and comes with superior software support and reporting with competitive pricing.

Absolutely. GPS tracking is one of the major benefits of using Arvi selfie-check over traditional biometric or RFID based attendance systems that capture attendance only at a fixed location.

If companies offer Arvi selfie-check attendance app to their employees, Arvi tracks employee location everytime a swipe is captured. Companies can mark geo-fencing around specific locations and Arvi selfie-check smartly captures attendance only when employee is within the geo-fence. 

Yes. Please reach out to us at and our sales team will reach out to you to understand your requirement better.

Arvi contactless attendance solution generates a variety of reports including employee muster, shift-wise check-in/check-out , overtime and work-hours, late attendance etc.

Clients can quickly run a variety of analytics based on the data collected such as average work hours, average overtime hours etc. All reports are cloud based and instantly downloadable in EXCEL/CSV format

Absolutely. Arvi attendance solution provides REST APIs that can push data from our servers to a third party application. Our customers can use these APIs to get all punch-in/punch-out data along with reports.

Current system only provides attendance specific data & reports. We  have integrated Arvi attendance solution with a number of HR solutions that provide complete payroll services. Please email us at and our sales team can give you specific advice & provide special discounts on payroll software.

For software solutions, we have partners outside India. For hardware platforms, we are not supporting installations outside India currently. For any partnership opportunity, please write to us at and our partnerships team will get in touch

Yes. We have an easy, shift-roster module where users can define multiple shifts & assign shifts to employees on an on-going basis. 

Yes. We have listed plan wise features in the above table. Incase you have any custom requirements that don't fit the plans above, please drop an email at and our sales team will reach out.

We provide a visitor management module that can be installed on a tablet/phone provided to the security/admin personnel accepting visitors.

Employees/admin teams can register visitors from their app and security can validate and onboard visitors.

Our solution can remember upto 5000 visitors and make visitor logging a seamless experience for companies.


Screening is done using advanced AI and face recognition algorithms. Each screening lasts for less than 1 second. Arvi uses advanced algorithms to detect potential frauds in the check-in process.

We understand that companies have sales and service teams on-field. To track the attendance of such employees, Arvi provides face recognition along with GPS location. This information can help HR/admin teams measure and monitor performance of on-field sales teams.


For software platforms, we service clients pan India. For hardware platforms, we only provide support in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai.

We take up customization requests only for companies with employees greater than 500. Incase you have specific customizations, do share with us on 

Please visit our partner page to understand how we work with solution integrators and partners. Please connect with us over email at and we'll revert to you.

Arvi selfie check attendance management solution

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