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We asked a large number of small and medium sized companies as to what their challenges are in employee attendance management. The most common answer is that the entire ‘experience’ of collection, correction and analysis of employee check-in data is very manual, cumbersome & error-prone.

Digging a little deeper, we found that the process for registering, updating and deactivating employee data was one of the major problem areas that was hurting the overall experience. Current solution of biometric & RFID card based systems have challenges related to employee onboarding. In this article we look at some of these challenges and discuss how Arvi selfie-checkin system solves all of them.

Onboarding challenges with existing solutions

  1. Biometric attendance systems
Biometric systems often fail to register fingerprints correctly

When a new employee joins a company, (s)he is typically asked to get in touch with the admin desk for attendance registration. Admin desk either has a desktop computer that is connected to a fingerprint reader the biometric device itself acts as an onboarding platform. New employee has to register left/right thumb and/or index finger on the reader and wait until the system registers fingerprints in the database.

Here are some common issues:

  1. Worn out fingerprints: People involved in physical work (Fitters/operators and other staff) usually have worn-out fingerprints due to day-to-day work. This problem is very common in manufacturing industries where some employees are involved in a lot of physical work
  2. Onsite registration: All employees need to be onsite to complete registration. While this was fine in the pre-Covid era, it is a huge hassle for employees who are working remote.
  3. Unreliable readers: Fingerprint accuracy is as good as the reader that is reading your fingerprints. A lot of readers have reliability issues and breakdown frequently. Such issues lead to delays in registration processes
  4. Multi-level access: In scenarios where organization has multiple centres and each centre has specific access rules, onboarding experience becomes challenging and complicated.
  5. Complicated process known to a single person: We’ve observed that there is usually a single person who knows how to operate the readers and register new employees. This is because the onboarding process itself is complicated. Reliance on single person for onboarding employees makes the process slow & prone to delays

2. Challenges with RFID scanners

RFID systems also have employee onboarding challenges

While the onboarding process is relatively more robust than a biometric attendance solution, RFID based access control system has its own challenges when it comes to onboarding employees.

Here are some common issues:

  1. Hardware dependent: Every employee needs to be given a fresh plastic card. This creates a logistics issue when an employee forgets to bring his/her card or when card is lost. Every time a new card is issued, employees effectively have to go through the registration process again
  2. Complicated process known to a single person: Issuing new cards, registering those cards is a process managed by a single person in an organization. Employees also have to report at the ‘admin/security desk’ to get themselves registered. Just as in biometric attendance, this process is cumbersome and prone to delays.
  3. Proxy attendance: Since the uniqueness is determined by a ‘plastic card’ that is not personal, there is always a risk of proxy attendance.

Arvi selfie-checkin onboarding

At Arvi, we have tried to make the entire experience of adding, editing and deactivating employees a super simple and seamless process. Onboarding process has 3 easy steps

Step 1: Enter or upload employee information on Arvi cloud

Login to app.arvi.in and upload employee details from anywhere

Admin team can log into app.arvi.in using ‘admin’ credentials from any location. Admin can enter details of a single employee or upload a spreadsheet with group of employees. Details include employee ID, email, reporting manager etc.

Step 2: Upload pictures or click pictures on Arvi mobile app

Admin can either upload pictures on the portal or log into the ‘admin’ app on his mobile, select the employee ID, and click pictures on his mobile to complete registration.

Step 3: Send link to employee email for downloading android/iOS app

Click selfie on mobile app to register employees

Admin can also send a link to employee to download android/iOS app on his/her mobile, click selfies of themselves and complete registration.


Existing attendance solutions are not designed for remote work

  1. Onboard from anywhere: Employees need not approach the admin desk physically to complete the registration process. Onboarding can be completed remotely and supports organizations working remotely.
  2. No hardware or devices: Attendance is marked by AI powered facial recognition and does not need any specific hardware except for a mobile phone. Maintenance & reliability issues are non-existent in this model
  3. Zero learning curve: Process is super simple and can be completed by anyone in the organization. Reduced dependence on trained personnel makes the process faster and ’employee friendly’

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