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Every organization, big or small, wants to keep a track of employee work hours, specially companies that operate on shifts. In this article, we go through all the aspects of managing shifts and assigning shift roster.

Time tracking and attendance management is one of the primary responsibilities of HR teams. Companies monitor time spent by employees for various reasons such as tracking workplace efficiency, tracking billable hours (very common in the consulting, legal and accounting industries), monitoring overtime hours to ensure compliance with relevant labour laws. Time tracking gets challenging for companies that run multiple shifts to ensure 24/7 operations.

Lets look at shift roster management in detail:

What is a shift ?

Manufacturing and service sector companies need to run 24/7 operations to deliver value to customers. Cost of shutting down and restarting companies, factories and service centres is too high in certain industries. To ensure continuous delivery of products/services, HR teams need to spread human resources across different time-windows. This distribution of resources is called shift management.

Each shift is categorized by shift-start time, shift-end time, recess hours (lunch, dinner or break time that is not counted under work hours), grace period for late check-ins and an overtime threshold (beyond which, employees will be reported under overtime). Typical shift duration is 8–12 hours depending on local labor laws and internal policies of company.

Assigning shifts for employee attendance

Shift roster planning

HR manager or floor supervisors keep a track of all employees and prepare a schedule for their upcoming shifts. In order to reduce burn-out or complaints, managers rotate employees across all shifts in a manner that is fair, uniform and as-per the prevailing work demands of the company. This scheduling of shift times across all employees is called as shift roster planning.

Shift roster is the process of allotting shift timings for employees based on work demands of company, past shifts of employees & work hour policies of company. Preparing a shift roster is often a complex and challenging task for HR managers/supervisors.

Based on specific shift of an employee, his/her check-in and check-out time along with work hours is calculated by attendance management solution.

Typical shift roster assigned for employee attendance


Regularization is another aspect of managing shifts and tracking time of employees. Employees for one reason or the other forget to check-in or check-out and create a missed-entry in the system. As a result, workhours of employees remain uncalculated and this has an impact on their monthly compensation.

Regularization of attendance is the process of correcting missed or irregular check-in/check-out times to ensure accurate work hour calculation. When attendance is managed on manual registers, regularization becomes a major challenge. HR managers spend a lot of time in corrections making the process onerous and cumbersome.

Overtime management

At times, based on the operational needs of the company, specific resources are needed to work extra hours at the company. To compensate for the extra work hours, companies have an overtime compensation policy. Overtime policy covers for weekly-offs, public holidays and days when employees are requested to work extra hours, well beyond their allotted shift roster.

Calculating time to provide additional compensation for employees is a key functionality of attendance management solutions. Often companies maintain registers where employees sign-in and sign-out and compute work hours and over-time before releasing monthly compensation. This is manual, cumbersome and prone to human-errors.

Overtime and work hour calculation for employees

Cloud-based, face-recognition based attendance management solutions such as Arvi selfie-checkin automate this entire process and send weekly reports to all stake holders on work-hours and over-time hours.

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