What Are Policies And How To create It?

Policies are templates that have permissions to various features of the webportal. There are various permission that can be assigned in a policy. These permissions include view, create, update, delete and approve. Once these permission are saved in to a policy, the policy can be assigned to any user. When the user logs in with his credentials, he/she will only be able to view the screens and perform actions that have been saved in the policy. To create a policy please follow the below steps.

1.Go to arvi.ai


2.Click on Login and enter your credentials

3. Go to Settings Section

4. Click on Permissions tab and then press the ‘Add Permissions’ button on the right top corner

5. A new window with all the features and access permissions is opened. You will also be able to enter the name of the policy eg. ‘Shift manager’. Click on the features and actions that needs to be saved in the current Policy eg. Access to Shift Roster with View, Update and Approve permission. Click on Save on the bottom of the screen

6. The policy will be listed in the Permissions screen. You can use this policy to assign to a user

To assign the policy to a user please refer to How to create new user?

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