Sharing Employee App

To share employee app, please follow the steps below

1.Go to


2.Click on Login and enter your credentials

3.Go to Masters Section

3. By default ‘Employees’ Tab is opened

4. Click on ‘Edit’ feature in the ‘Actions’ section for that particular employee

5. There is a Generate password button available on the top right corner. Click on it

6. A email is sent with the reset Password Link. Employee has to change the password by clicking on the link

7. Employee has to download the Employee app from the Play store by searching ‘Arvi employee’

8. After installation of the app, Employee needs to enter his/her email or employee id and the password that was set as in step 6. The login should be successful and all the relevant feature should be reflecting on the screen

To know how to download the app, please refer to Android iOS App Download

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