How To Use Dashboards

Dashboards give an insight about various attendance metrics. In the Key Metrics Section you have a snapshot of various metrics that are calculated based on the attendance. These include cumulative work hours by all employees projected in the ‘Total Work Hours’, average work hours clocked by employees projected in Avg work hours/day, cumulative number of days spent by all employees projected in Total number of man days, percentage of employee absent for work projected in Absent percentage and cumulative overtime hours clocked by all employees proejcted in Over time. There are also filters available on the top of the screen, where you can filter the data for the time period and Groups/Departments.

In the Attendance summary section, cumulative numbers of various attendance status are available. These include Present, Absent, Missed Swipes, Leaves, Late Check-In, Work from Home, Regularised and Swipes. All these are links and when you click them you will be able to to view the related data for the selected time period and group. Present data would include all the employees who have marked their complete attendance. Absent data would include all the employees who have not swiped at least once, Missed Swipe would include all the employees who have swiped once but forgot to mark the second swipe. Leave data includes all employees who have taken leaves. Late Check-In would include all employee who have arrived late to office. Work from home would include all employees who have been permitted to work from home. Regularized would include all employees whose attendance data has been edited manually by the admin and Swipes would have all the swipe data of the employees in the given time period.

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