How To Swipe On A Daily Basis?

For the attendance to be calculated, members need to swipe atleast two times in day (once using Check in and second time using Check out). To swipe attendance, the members can either use the Kiosk app or the User app. Please follow the steps below to start using the app for marking attendance.


1. Login to the Admin Kiosk or User App.

Kiosk App
User App

2. Choose Attendance ‘Tracking module’ in case of Kiosk App.

3. In the ‘Attendance’ screen choose Check In or Check out option appropriately and the camera is activated.

4. Adjust the face inside the box and the countdown starts automatically as soon as the face is detected.

5. Once the swipe is successful, a success message is displayed and your attendance is marked.

6. To verify the swipe, login in to and go to ‘Data’, here attendance data such as photo, Member name, date, time and location are visible.

Note: An employee can swipe any number of times in a day and there is no restriction on the number of swipes. Also an employee needs to register himself before the swipe otherwise ‘unidentified’ user message is displayed and the same is logged into

To register the employee please click on How to add employee on mobile app (or) How to add employee on

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