How To Signup For Arvi Selfie Check?

You can signup for a 14 Day free trail and use Arvi Selfie Chk Platform to manage your organization’s Attendance for Free. After 14 days you can opt for a suitable plan and continue using the platform. However, if you are not satisfied after the trial you can drop out and you will not be charged. To signup for the trial please follow the steps below


1. Go to

2. Click on the 14 Day free Trial. You will be redirected to the register page

3. You can enter an email id and click ‘Next’. You can also register using your Google credentials.

4. Here you can enter your Name, Company name, Mobile number and Time Zone (optional) and click ‘Next’

5. Here you can select an Employee count and Industry from the dropdown and click ‘Next’

6. Here you can select a platform from which you want to capture attendance. There are three options available. You can choose any combination of your choice and click ‘Next’

7. Your account will be created and you will be redirected to the Home screen with your name and email on the bottom left corner.

To upload employee data, please refer to How to bulk import employees?
To add an employee using the portal, please refer to How to add employee on
To use the app to capture attendance, please refer to How to Download the app ?

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