How To Change Camera On Mobile App?

Mobile phones and tablets come with front and back camera. Based on the requirement you might want to use either the front camera or back camera to mark the attendance. Arvi’s mobile applications supports both the cameras. Please follow the steps below to change the cameras


1. Click on the Arvi icon in applications after installing the app from the Playstore.

2. Enter the Login credentials. The User Id and password are the same the email id and password that was used during the registration on the web portal. Incase you have received any credentials from your admin you can use the same to login as well.

3. Once the credentials are given, you will be able to login and the default screen will be Check In.

4. A camera screen is opened with a White color border.

5. To flip the camera to another one, click on the camera button on the top left corner of the screen. Once clicked the other camera is activated and the attendance can be marked as usual.

To change the default camera settings, please refer to How to set the default camera in the app?

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