How To Bulk Import Employees

Here are the Instruction to upload all the existing employee details at once during the initial set-up.

  1. Go to

2. Click on Login and enter your credentials

3. By default Home screen is opened

4. Click on Bulk upload in Request section

5. An upload page with an option to download a sample template is displayed. An excel file Arvi-Employee-Upload-Sample.xlsx is downloaded

6. In the Arvi-Employee-Upload-Sample.xlsx excel file enter all the employee details and save the file. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 and upload the saved excel file by browsing in the file explorer

7. A new web page with the employee data is displayed and errors are notified if there are any. If there are no errors, click on submit button. In case there are errors, the excel file has to be corrected accordingly and then uploaded back and submitted

8. Once the submission is successful, you will be redirected to a Dashboard Screen with the name of your company on the right corner. Select ‘Master’ in the menu, you should be able to see all the employees and other details in the tabs available

Note: Upload the pictures of employees after uploading the employee details for the face to be identified and attendance to be marked.

To add new employees, please refer to How to add employee on mobile app? or How to add employee on

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