How To Assign ‘Weekly Off’?

Weekly Off can be assigned to an employees in case there is a floating week off policy. If there is no floating week off policy and everyone is given a week off on same day, Weekend holiday policy can be assigned in Masters-> Holidays. However to assign a ‘Weekly off’ to an employee, please follow the steps below:

1.Go to


2.Click on Login and enter your credentials

3. Go to ‘Shift Rooster’

4 All the registered employees will be listed in the table. Additionally if you want employees of a particular group only, there is a group filter on the right corner of the screen. Select a convenient option

5. The shifts can be assigned to employee for the current week, previous six weeks and next week. This dropdown option is available besides the group filter. Select the required option

6. Weekly off can be assigned to an employee by clicking on the cell/box on the particular day. A dropdown of all relevant shift along with weekly off is displayed. Select weekly off

7. Once Weekly off is selected a ‘Save Roster’ button is activated on the top of the screen. By selecting this option, week off is assigned to the employee. A holiday is marked for that employee on that day

Note: Incase the week off needs to be assigned to same week days of the week for that employee you can copy paste or drag the same, accross the cells like in excel.

To add other holidays, please refer to How to add Holidays?

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