How To Add Weekend Policy?

You can assign a flexible weekend policy in Arvi selfie check.

If your organization has a fixed weekend policy for everyone. please follow the steps below
1.Go to


2.Click on Login and enter your credentials

3.Go to Masters Section

4 Click on the ‘Holidays’ Tab

5 In the Holidays Tab click on the ‘Add Holiday’ Button to the top right corner

6. A small window is opened where there is dropdown that has ‘Weekend’ and ‘Other’. Please select weekend for assigning weekend holiday policy and other incase of general/public holidays

7. A new section called ‘Weekday’ is displayed with a dropdown having all days in the week. Select a day which is to be declared as a weekend

8. Below the dropdown there will be 6 options to be chosen from which include All days, 1st week, 2nd week, 3rd week, 4th week and 5th week. Based on your company policies you can choose those week to be declared as holidays and click on Save

9. In the holidays list the entered weekend policy will be listed

If your organization has a floating week off policy . please follow the steps below

1.Go to


2.Click on Login and enter your credentials

3. Go to ‘Shift Roster’ , all the employees are listed here

4. Choose the week that needs to be edited for assigning the Weekly off for a employee

5. Choose the cell mapped to the Employee and the date. Once you click on the cell a list of shifts along with Weekly off is displayed. Choose Weekly off. For eg, If Satish Roy has a weekly off on 30 Sept 2021, choose the cell mapped against Satish Roy and 30 Sept 2021. The cell has a dropdown with all the shifts and Weekly off. Select ‘ Weekly off ‘ to assign it to Satish Roy

6. Once Weekly off is selected the Save button is activated on the top of the page. Click on the Save rooster to save the weekly off

Note: If a holiday is assigned on a particular day, the attendance for all employees is marked as holiday. However, if an employee chooses to work on a holiday, the swipes are captured and work hours are calculated.
To add general Holidays. please click on How to add holidays?

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