How To Add A New Shift?

To configure shifts, please follow the steps below


1.Go to


2.Click on Login and enter your credentials

3.Go to Masters Section

4. Click on ‘Shift’ tab

5. To add new shift Click on the ‘Add Shift’ button on the top right corner of the window

6. A new window is opened. Enter the ‘Name’ of the shift along with the ‘Start Time’ and ‘End time’. Selecting a ‘Group’ to which this shift is assigned is optional. Additionally ‘Overtime Threshold’ and ‘Late Threshold’ can be entered in order to calculate overtime and late attendance. However both these fields are also optional

7. Click on the ‘Save’ button once the relevant data is entered

8. The new shift will be listed in the Shift Tab if the data is successfully stored

To assign the shift, please refer to How to assign shifts?

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