How To Add Locations?

Locations can be configured to restrict employees from marking their attendance out if the designated geo-locations. This is particularly used when the employees are using the Employee App to mark their attendance. Employees who have not been assigned any location can mark their attendance from anywhere.

1.Go to


2.Click on Login and enter your credentials

3.Go to Masters Section

4. In ‘Locations’ Tab click on ‘Add Location’ button

5. Enter the name of the Location and address in the respective fields. There is a google map of the location that is displayed below

6. Configure the radius of the restriction from where the employee can mark the attendance from the dropdown. The radius can be set from 50 mts to 200 mts beyond which the employee will not be able to mark the attendance

7. Select all the employees who should be tagged to this location and click on Save

To enable the GPS settings on the mobile app, please refer to How to enable GPS based attendance?

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