How To Add Employees On

To add a new employee to your organisation through the web application, please follow the steps below


1.Go to

2.Click on Sign in and enter your credentials.

3.Go to Masters Section, where ‘People’ tab is accessed by default. Click on ‘New Member’ Button.

4. In the ‘New Member’ page enter information about member along with relevant Organizational information like Role’, ‘Group’ and ‘Reports to.

5. To add photographs of the member, click on ‘Upload’ button to browse location of the photographs. At least three photographs of the same member have to be uploaded.

6. Once all the above details are entered click on ‘Save Changes’ button. If the member is added successfully, a success message is also displayed. Additionally, you can go back to the ‘People’ tab in ‘Masters’ and search for the name to confirm if the member is added successfully.

Note: A new employee added successfully will be visible in webportal and user app.

To start marking the attendance using the app, please refer to How to Download the app ? and How to swipe on a daily basis?

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