How To Add Employees On

To add a new employee to your organisation through the web application, please follow the steps below.


1.Go to

2.Click on Login and enter your credentials

3.Go to Masters Section

4.By default ‘Employees’ Tab is opened

5.Click on ‘Add Employee’ feature on the top corner of the screen

6.In the new window enter the information about the employee

7. To add a photograph click on the Browse button incase the employee photograph exists locally on the system. If live photograph of the employee has to be taken, connect the Webcam and click on ‘Upload using Webcam’ button. After four photographs are successfully stored, they will be listed in the Window

8. Go back to the ‘Employees’ tab in the ‘Masters’ and search for the name to confirm if the employee is successfully added

Note: A new employee added successfully will be visible in web portal, Admin app and Employee app.

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