How To Add Employee On Mobile App

To add a new employee to your organisation through the Admin mobile application, please follow the steps below.


1. Login to the Admin App

2. Go to the ‘Profile’ in the ‘Admin’ app If the application is opened in the Selfie mode click on the Home button on the top right corner and then click on Profile

3. Click on the ‘View’ link in the ‘Total Employees’ section

4. Click on the ‘+’ button on the right bottom corner of the screen

5. In the new window enter the details of the employee

6. Click on the ‘Take Pic’ button

7. Camera of the mobile is activated and four photographs of the employee can be taken. To capture the photograph, adjust the face inside the white border until the border turns green and then click on the ‘Capture the face in the border’ button. It is advised to take the photographs in different angles to make the Facial recognition software read the face more accurately

8. Once the photographs are successfully captured a message is displayed for confirmation. Click on ok to proceed

9. Verify if the new employee is listed in the List of Employees

Note: A new employee added successfully will be visible in web portal, Admin app and Employee app. To add an employee using the web portal, please refer to How to add employee on and to start marking the attendance using the app, please refer to How to swipe on a daily basis?

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