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This article highlights the 5 essential steps to start tracking attendance of your organization using Arvi selfie-checkin. It’s so simple and easy to setup, you’ll simply love it!

What is Arvi selfie-checkin?

Arvi selfie-checkin is a seamless solution for employee attendance

Arvi selfie-checkin is a facial-recognition based attendance solution that makes time tracking smooth, simple and seamless. In just 5 simple steps, organizations can onboard all employees and start tracking attendance.

Arvi selfie-check in is 10X more user-friendly and effective than old-biometric attendance or RFID based attendance solutions.

Why is Arvi selfie-checkin better than traditional attendance solutions?

Here is a comparison table between Arvi selfie-checkin and biometric/RFID based attendance solutions

Comparison between Biometric and Arvi selfie-checkin attendance solution

5 simple steps

Here are the 5 steps that need all but 15 minutes to complete. Start time tracking employees at your organization in flat 15 minutes.

Step 1: Subscribe to 30-day free trial

Go to arvi website and click on ‘Get 30-day free trial’ button shown below. Enter your basic company details, employee strength and you will be taken to the next section.

Signup for a 30-day free trial on https://arvi.ai

Step 2: Upload list of employees

In this section, user needs to download a sample spreadsheet file. Click on the ‘Download sample.xls file here’ link to download a file locally and start filling up your company specific data.

Download sample excel file and fill all employee details

You can enter all master data such as employees, roles, divisions, shifts into the EXCEL spreadsheet that looks something like this:

Sample EXCEL file to enter employee details for Arvi selfie-checkin attendance

Once data is fully entered, save the file locally, browse and upload this file and click on ‘Upload data’

Upload Excel file to import data of all employees

Once uploaded, you can see a preview of data on screen. Confirm if all data is properly captured and click on ‘Save’. All data is captured on the system

Step 3: Download Android app on a tablet

By this time, you would have got an email with a link to download android app and login credentials.

Use the credentials to download the app on tablet or mobile phone and login.

Step 4: Take pictures of all employees on tablet

Go to ‘Settings’ tab and click on the Add Employees link. From here, click on employee name. App opens the camera where you need to take 3–4 trains to train the face recognition algorithm to accurately identify a person.

Step 5: Install tablet at common area. GO LIVE#

Once onboarding is complete, you can just place tablet at a lobby area or a commonly visited area and VOILA — system starts capturing attendance of employees and generates all the reports on cloud.

Try our 30 day FREE trial today. We promise you, its super simple and seamless.

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